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How does Technology Play its role in the Classroom?

Technology Play its role in the Classroom

Due to the increased use of modern science in this new era, technology has become a normal 'want' or even a 'need' for most individuals. Technologies, ranging from a common desktop computer to PC tablets; individuals who are using these innovations, ranging from working professionals to students. Because of the increasing popularity of technology, it opens the idea of bringing these innovations to the human's basic need in the society – education.

There is still an ongoing discussion, more of a debate, among educators whether to allow these technologies to take its part in the classroom. Undoubtedly, countless students ranging from different age bracket is obviously accustomed in gaining knowledge in a very innovative way. Different studies have been conducted to vividly show its effects. So, how does technology 'better' shape-up the classroom?

Teacher and student enhanced participation

Traditional way of learning in the classroom slowly becomes obsolete. The use of technology in the classroom get students to be more involved in the discussion or lesson. Students are able to partake in the data collection through the use of the Internet and could better express their opinions on the subject matter. Such activity enables a student to engage more in the lesson and could help them retain further information on their own.

Enhancing student retention

Rich media such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, which are made available over the Internet to help students grasp information easier and faster, than plainly reading the words alone. Through these different learning styles, there is an absolute proof of improvement in students' comprehension. And, it gets them to be more participative in class, thus improving students' attendance as well.

Early students engagement with the real world

Through the use of technology in the classroom, teachers are able to provide students with projects along with the needed resources for them to accomplish their assigned assignments. Students will have their own decision on how they will go about their research and how they are going to present their finished project. They will also have the chance to further research, leaving them with no limitation as to the information they wanted to access. Thus, it is also very important that technology in the classroom is always updated.

Extended students' knowledge

The use of technology has made the accessing of information fast and easy. And, with that, students are able to acquire extended knowledge on any specific information they wanted to know. Indeed, technology is visibly becoming a part of student life. Ranging from home usage to the classroom, computers are now taking its role in students learning process. Remarkable ideas are still coming on how technology will greatly help students in the classroom. And, there is no doubt that few more years from now it will play a huge role in the educational system whether one does have access to technology or not.

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