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Community colleges in Chicago are a great way to further your education. But after finishing your city college program, or if you are simply looking to find other Chicago education opportunities on campus or on-line, Ask For Schools is here to help. Through this website students will receive educational guidance with the help of advisors and experts about any of the fields of study that interest you. Community college should not be the end of your education, but the beginning of new school and career opportunities.

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Helping Chicago Students Select the Best Institute

In general the problem which has students scratching their heads the most is that of which school to select. On the AskForSchools website we have created a database of several institutes among which some offer online programs while others have physical campus locations that one can visit. On the website students can look for specific schools or institutes through a variety of tweaks that can be made to the search option, such as searching by location, subject, type of degree etc.

According to research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2013, employees with a high school graduate certificate (no college) have median weekly earnings of $659. On the other hand, those employees whose qualifications at least a bachelor’s degree have earning roughly $1174 per week. The statistics show that the higher level of education can nearly double a person’s weekly earning. The AskForSchools website offers information relating to all kinds of degrees which range from the undergraduate level to postgraduate and even Continued Education Courses which can be taken by professionals in the field in order to learn something new.

The website is designed to be very search oriented and for this reason you can search for very specific things and find a study program which is coherent with your needs and requirements. There are several institutes to choose from, some are offering online study courses while others requires the student to be physically present on campus. It is also a good idea to thoroughly go through the information listed in the institution or course you want to enroll in, and have a look at things such as accreditation, financial aid services, calendar types and important dates in the academic year as well as university locations. Many institutes are now expanding to places all over the world and you may not always have to move countries to join a foreign university.

Before selecting the institute that you wish you study at, also consider the environment that you may have to move to, if you are choosing an online program you want to make sure you will be able to see it till the end without going off course. Also it is advisable for everyone to apply for a Request Info before applying to the respective school.


Top Online and Campus Schools
• One of the Top Universities in South by U.S News & World Report.
• Total Enrollment in fall 2012 are 15,932
• Total Graduate Degree Programs 3,258
• 17 Centers in 7 States
• Largest U.S Higer Education Provider for Military
saint leo university
• Founded 1971 has a total undergraduate enrollment of 11,553
• Tuition and fees 19,968 (2012-13)
• Residential Enrollment 12,600, Online over 80,000
• 315 Programs available both Residence and Online
liberty university
• University founded in 1918
• Tuition fees 15,720 for (2011-12)
• Accredited Institute (HLC/NCA)
ashford university
• University founded in 1931.
• Total Undergraduate Enrollment 70,158.
• Tuition fees 16,156 for (2012-13)
kaplan university

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